Met deze mat maak je van je lapje fondant een kunstwerk.

Rol een wat dikkere laag fondant en druk deze op de mat en rol er een paar goed overheen.
Zo zorg je ervoor dat alle gaten gevuld worden in de mat.
Haal je fondant voorzichtig van de mat en je kan aan de slag met bijvoorbeeld dust.

A silicone design mat mould, design to create a decorative border, repeating pattern or decorative plaque for your cake decorating project. It is highly detailed and looks great even without the need to paint.


  • Star design
  • Design Sizes: 106 x 106 x 3mm / 4.17 x 4.17 x 0.12"
  • Varying star sizes
  • Perfect for cakes, cupcakes and cookies

Create a beautiful Starburst border or plaque decoration for your cake decorating projects using our Starburst mould. This design mat allows you to create one large design area or mould individual Stars. Roll out fondant or sugar paste over the Mat, then use fondant designs to cover mini cakes, plaque’s or use with a cookie cutter to cover cupcakes and cookies.

All our moulds are made in our factory here in UK and are made with FDA compliant food grade silicone. Our Moulds can be used with sugar paste, flower paste, modelling paste, marzipan, chocolate, candy, boiled sugar, cold porcelain and salt dough.

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Impressie mat - Starbust by Katy Sue

  • €12,95

  • Excl. BTW: €10,70