This revolutionary new cake stand works as a regular cake stand with an added twist. With a pop up tube centre, you can hide small treats or gifts inside your cake, for the birthday boy or girl to reveal when they blow out their candles. It's perfect for storing new phones, gift cards, jewelry, concert tickets, cash, party favors or even pull off a gender reveal! 

The 2-in-1 Popping Stand can fit a round cake up to 12" diameter and 6" tall, OR transform into a cupcake stand by adding the second tier. This can hold up to 24 standard sized cupcakes. It also includes a cupcake topper to add to the top of the gift pop as the perfect finishing touch.

When placing your cupcake on top, we recommend adding a little but of edible glue or royal icing to the base to stick it down.

Use this cake stand for various occasions and special events to come, just wash and reuse!

What's Included in the Full Set?

Popping Cake Stand

  • Small Plate
  • Large Plate
  • Gift Pod
  • Cake Corer (for removing the center of the cake)
  • Tube (with pull ring trigger)
  • Spring and Shuttle
  • Base
  • Cupcake Topper

as well as...

  • Candle Topper
  • Music Box
  • Cake Carrier/Lid

The music box included is available with a 'Happy Birthday' melody.

If you wish to push your gift pod back into place after the song finishes, simply wind it back until you hear a click. The stand will then reset the song and allow you to push the pod back inside the stand.

We do not recommend loading the gift pod with items weighting more than 1lb. With increased weight, the spring will struggle to push the gift pod up.

Approximate Measurements:
Small Plate: 10.5" Diameter
Large Plate: 13.5" Diameter
Gift Pod: 6" Tall x 2.8" Diameter
Cupcake Topper: Standard Cupcake Size - approx. 2" base
Carrier: Fits perfectly around the large plate (13.5")

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Surprise Cake Popping Cake Stand & All Accessories - Full Set **alleen op bestelling leverbaar**

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